MULCAHY LAW FIRM, P. C. has focused its legal practice on community association law since 1996. The firm represents over 1000 associations on all aspects of the law pertaining to community associations. We bring practical knowledge and the experience necessary to make your association successful.

We believe:
  • in a proactive, preventative approach when possible.
  • in communication; keeping you informed throughout the stages of a legal process.
  • that together, we form a collaborative team for the association.
  • in providing you assertive, reasonable approaches with effective results.
  • that our expertise and experience counts, equating to a cost effective, results oriented representation for you.
We know:
MULCAHY LAW FIRM, P.C. will offer the professional results that your association requires.

Our client services include the following:

Interpretation and Enforcement of Association Documents
Consistent, fair enforcement is significant in maintaining the health of your association. We will review documents with respect to State and Federal statues to assure that they are enforceable, assist in drafting guidelines and rules and provide you with proven tools and recommendations to encourage voluntary compliance with your association’s documents. We can explain and help you understand the complicated language found in the governing documents.

General Litigation Regarding Associations
No one wants to go to court, but it is sometimes necessary to preserve an associations’ rights or to defend themselves against a claim. Our attorneys are licensed to practice in Arizona courts and have the experience necessary to represent your association should you face litigation.

Amendment of Association Documents
If you determine your CC&Rs require amendments to modernize or eliminate obsolete provisions we will assist you with the following five-step amendment process, Step 1. Determine what is required to amend; Step 2. assess current documents and draft proposals; Step 3. educate the community for support; Step 4. develop a plan for approval; and, Step 5. finalize and record the amendment(s). We are experienced in drafting and amending all documents required by your association.

Guidance on Arizona and Federal Laws
Associations have several layers of documents and statutes by which they are governed. We can explain the laws, help you understand them and assist you with the compliance of the State and Federal laws that apply to your association including, but not limited to, fair housing, satellite dishes and antennas, bankruptcy and trustee sales.

Transition from Developer to Homeowner Control
Transition is a pivotal time for an association that requires attention to detail. Our attorneys have the experience required to counsel owner ad-hoc committees from the pre-transition phase of a community’s evolution to providing legal counsel for the post-transition phase.

Legal Advice Regarding the Operation and Management of Associations
We will provide the day-to-day advice and counseling you need to guide your association to success. We will provide the answers for policies and procedures regarding board, business and legal or corporate matters. Additionally, we are available to attend board and annual meetings if necessary.

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